Adobe is one of the oldest building materials in use. It is basically just dirt that has been moistened with water, sometimes with chopped straw or other fibers added for strength, and then allowed to dry in the desired shape.

In recent decades, this building material has undergone an unfair smear after the arrival of newer technology construction materials, adobe was considered archaic. AdobeMade, has revived the use of this material and improved construction technique because we know of the natural benefits of adobe. Our methods and techniques result in environmentally responsible buildings.

What are the bricks?  

Commonly adobe is shaped into uniform blocks that can be stacked like bricks to form walls, but it can also be simply piled up over time to create a structure.

Adobe, in its natural state, acts as an insulator, keeping the interior temperature constant throughout the year. It is also very good acoustic insulator because housing built with raw earth absorbs and dampens, more effectively the outside noises; this results in quieter homes than those built with conventional industrial materials.

In addition to what has been stated, adobe is very flexible at the time of build, this gives place to the creation of homes with spectacular designs, very difficult to achieve using other construction materials.