Verde – Azul

Verde Azul Located in Tonsupa, Esmeraldas, is a development of only 9 lots, where we are building with bamboo as a complement material to adobe. The combination of these two ecological ingredients has resulted in a very distinctive look of our homes. The site offers astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean and the near-by town of Tonsupa.

Colonia El Batán

DSC03373Overlooking Cotacachi, where the richness of the indigenous culture is latent.

El Pueblo

Houses surrounded by eucalyptus tress, a country side development in the city.

Santiago del Rey

09 28 16Privileged with views of the volcanoes and the gentle breeze of the Imbaya Valley. Just 15 minutes from Ibarra on the way to Yachay (Urcuqui).

Las Marías

Harmonious homes in an environment of good neighbors.

El Viejo Pueblo

Casa una planta

One floor home

Located in Natabuela, between Ibarra and Atuntaqui, is a charming town of approximately 6,000 inhabitants. Here, we are building one-store homes with  the most beautiful designs we have created thus far. We are offering two different floorplans in lots of 4,000 square feet.